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PC Protect

PC Protect is a revolutionary security brand that has been developed specifically for the current market. Just by visiting the website you’ll see that they are a step above the competition, it’s modern simple and absolutely gorgeous, this is just one of the ways it’s proving itself to be a market leader. These designs are also uniform throughout the software too which is really good news! The amount of computer viruses that are being spread around the internet is always increasing due to the population of computer and smartphone users rapidly going up, so selecting a security suite is therefore a paramount decision. What better way to get protected than using a solution that has been developed for the modern market to combat the most aggressive and intelligent threats out there?

Features - 9
Security - 9
Support - 9


You’d think that because of the low monthly cost PC Protect software would disappoint in the feature department, but this simply isn’t the case.  You get their own ‘Advanced antivirus’ which includes real-time protection and smart scanning, a firewall, file manager and also a system booster!  The extra features like file manager and system booster are a lovely touch and make the package stand out from the rest.  It’s a really good combination of tools and isn’t an overkill, some suites don’t seem to understand the idea of adding pointless features that people probably won’t use in order to make the package ‘look’ better.


As mentioned a few times already the website and PC Protect software are simple, contemporary and incredibly easy to navigate around so would go as far to say it’s one of the best on the market.  You can really tell that the company has focused on design, which should ultimately lead to an awesome looking product, but not only does it look good it performs very well too. Quick, efficient scans make the overall usability enjoyable and makes you want to come back and use it again! The only element that we feel is slightly off par is the advanced settings, but these are usually only important to the vast minority and to be fair to them, we reckon about 90% of advanced settings are available, so it’s a very small issue.  Overall this is a brilliant piece of software that we seriously rate and believe it could be a market leader in the years to come.


The support section is another reason to get PC Protect - again it uses the beautiful, consistent design making it very easy to get help when needed.  They offer phone, email and also live chat support.  When we tested live chat the waiting times for it were ridiculously low and queries were dealt with in a highly professional manner, and good news, not a lengthy form in sight! Definitely another thumbs up for PC Protect.