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ScanGuard is a new and upcoming antivirus and security software that is looking to dominate the cyber-security world. The advanced software and captivating design is quite frankly amazing. You will get a taster of the design when visiting their website - on the home screen you are immediately shown screenshots of the software running on various devices, and we think you’ll agree that the software looks stunning, especially the mobile version! There’s only one way to get using this app and it’s to sign up, and please be quick they are currently offering 50% off their original price and we’d hate for you to miss out on the incredible deal!

Features - 9
Security - 8
Support - 9
Affordability - 9


The feature list is pretty intensive, from the obvious antivirus tool to performance enhancements and internet protection. The stand out feature that really pushes Scanguard into a league of its own is a fully operational real time virus scanning, scanning your computer in the background, constantly detecting anything vicious that maybe looking to find its way onto your computer.


First things first comes the website - aesthetically pleasing and contemporary is one way to put it. See for yourself by visiting their site today, you’ll see what we mean! The software itself is very responsive, the features work as they should and once again the design is gorgeous!  There are plenty of accessible advanced options for the more technical user which is great news, but then again you don’t need to worry about these if you don’t want to get too involved with the software (it will run just as you’d expect an antivirus to run without any tinkering). Overall it’s a beautifully designed software package packed with features that runs smoothly and doesn’t disrupt your PC, awesome work Scanguard!


Customer service seems to be one of Scanguard’s priorities, they offer email, phone, knowledge base and even live chat support.  This competes with the big names in the security business and in a lot of ways, betters them - no massive forms or waiting times which is awesome to know before purchasing.  Support is always a massively talked about subject that can easily sway someone’s decision.


Scanguard’s 12 month protection comes in at just under $1.20 per month adn slightly cheaper if you commit to 2 years. Considering the features you get we feel this is a great price, and surprisingly the lower monthly-cost version supports more licenses which is awesome news! You also get a 30 day money back guarantee so effectively you can get a trial for 30 days, an awesome opportunity to find out whether you like the software without fully committing to it.